Gujarati Dandiya/Garba songs

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Garba/Dandiya is a dance form that has its origination in the Gujarat region. Traditionally, Garbas are performed in circles with a lit lamp in the centre. The circular as well as spiral figures of Garba resembles to other spiritual dances. It is usually performed during the Navaratri festival that extends for nine-days. During this festival, a lamp (Diya) or an image of the Goddess Amba is placed in the centre with various concentric rings of dancers playing Dandiya around it. The modern day Garba is influenced by the Dandiya and the merger of two dance form results in high-energy dance form.Garba songs

Famous Gujarati Dandiya/Garba songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Amtha Amtha Ame Aavyata

Album : Navdurga Maa Ramti Raas

Description: This dancing Gujarati song is truly pleasing and is a big hit at Gujarati music scenario. This song is among the top Gujarati dancing songs. This Gujarati dance track produces rocking effect.

(2) Song : Be Deewana Raatna Rasiya

Album : Navdurga Maa Ramti Raas

Description: This Gujarati dancing track is purely sensational with wonderful Gujarati lyrics. This Gujarati dance track inspires the audience.

(3) Song : Mune Ekli Jaane

Album : Ranglo Jamyo

Description: It is a rocking Gujarati song that makes up for amazing Gujarati dance choreography. It has got lovely Gujarati beats and its striking vocals add to its beauty.

(4) Song : Aavo Ambe Maadi

Album : Non – Stop Garba Fusion

Description: This Gujarati dancing tracks sets the stage on fire. This Gujarati dance song is composed vividly and its emphasis on Gujarati traditional instruments enhances its magical effect.

(5) Song : Maathe Matukadi

Album : Ranglo Jamyo

Description: This Gujarati song was an all time hit Gujarati dancing song. It makes the Gujarati audience dance to its beats at festivities. This Gujarati lovely track is supported by wonderful vocals.

(6) Song : O Gori Re

Album : Ranglo Jamyo

Description: The lyrics of the Gujarati song are very innovative and this Gujarati dancing track is a big hit among the Gujarati dancers.

(7) Song : Ganpatubapa Utaru

Album : Bapa Moriya Re

Description: This dancing track has powerful Gujarati beats and exceptional choreography. Gujarati lyrics are stylish and easy to rehearse.

(8) Song : Dulla Ganpati Dataar

Album : Bapa Moriya Re

Description: This dancing Gujarati song touches the listener’s mind and body effectively. Gujarati music matches the captivating lyrics. This Gujarati dancing track can be found reverberating at discotheques.

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