Gujarati Devotional Songs

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Gujarati devotional songs have immense power for transforming people’s life. Gujarati songs generates spiritual aura in the environment. Devotional Gujarati songs produce impresses the Gujarati listener’s heart almost instantly. Gujarati songs Devotion enlighten the heart of people. Gujarati tradition incorporates calm and poignant songs. Devotional Songs of Gujarati language exhibits spirituality and calmness.Gujarati Devotional Songs

Famous Gujarati Devotional Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Eklaj aavya manva Ekla J javanu

Album : Various

Description : It is a characteristic Gujarati devotional song for enlighten the Gujarati audience. This Gujarati song makes the audience more aware of their surroundings. This Gujarati song was sung with lots of heart and emotions. Gujarati audience instantly connects with this melodious track.

(2) Song : Akhil Brahmaandmaan Ek Tu Sri Hari

Album : Various

Description : It is a spiritual Gujarati song that spells its magical influence on Gujarati audience. Listeners get lost in the Gujarati devotional music and Gujarati singer’s melodious voice showcase faith and spirituality.

(3) Song : Jalkamal Chhandi Ja Ne Bala

Album : Various

Description : Devotional Gujarati songs provide meaning in the life of person. This Gujarati song relieves the tension and acts as stress buster.

(4) Song : Aarti Shrinathji ni Mangala Kari

Album : Various

Description : This devotional song of Gujarati is inspiring and spreads good learning to the Gujarati audience. This Gujarati song is extremely spiritual at its core.

(5) Song : Mara Ghat ma birajta shree nathji

Album : Various

Description : This devotional Gujarati song cleanses the Gujarati listener’s soul. It helps Gujarati audience to remove all the external obstacles. The Gujarati devotional songs allow the listener to concentrate on his inner self.

(6) Song : Jai jai Maharani Jamuna

Album : Shrinathji ni jhankhi

Description : It is a classic Gujarati devotional song that echoes in the Gujarati listener’s soul. This Gujarati devotional song generates the powerful influence on Lang audience.

(7) Song : Naaraayananum Naam je Leta Vare Ten

Album : Various

Description : This divine Gujarati song is idyllic for Gujarati people for offering their prayer to God. This Gujarati song is essentially soulful and appealing.

(8) Song : Bholi Re Bharvaadan Harine Vechava

Album : Various

Description : This divine song captivates the Gujarati audience by its absolute class and composition. This Gujarati song has soothing touch and its Gujarati devotional music calms the listeners.

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