Gujarati Ghazals

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Gujarati people have varied tastes that range from fast track Garbas and Dandiyas on one hand to slow paced Ghazals on other hand. Gujarati Ghazals have a remarkable place in the culture of Gujaratis. Gujarati music scene boasts of rich and meaningful Ghazal compositions. Gujarati music lovers follow the Ghazals intensely and they act as a way of feeling the spiritual experience. The Lyrics of the Ghazals are very sublime and fills the audience with instant pleasure. Some of the leading Gujarati Ghazal singers are Pankaj Udhas, Manhar Udhas, Amrut Ghayal, Shunya Palanpuri and others.Gujarati Ghazals

Famous Gujarati Ghazals are as follows:

(1) Song: Kajal Bharyan Nayan Na

Album : Amrut Ghayal

Description : This Gujarati Ghazal has an extensive influence on the Gujarati audience. Amrut’s melodious voice rocked Gujarati Music scene by with this high voltage performance.

(2) Song: Nayan Ne Bandh Rakhi Ne

Album : Bakrat Virani Befam

Description : This masterpiece Gujarati Ghazal has the charm to mesmerize the Gujarati audience and it proves a stress buster.

(3) Song: Paagal Chhe Zamano

Album : Shunya Palanpuri

Description : This Gujarati Ghazal is absolutely emotional and connects with Gujarati Audience instantly. It speaks volumes of the Shunya’s singing ability.

(4) Song: Shant Zarukhe

Album : Saif Palanpuri

Description: Gujarati music fans simply get lost in the charm of Saif’s captivating voice This Gujarati Ghazal witness phenomenal performance by Saif.

(5) Song: Tamaran Ahin Aaj

Album : Gani Dahiwala

Description : This amazing Gujarati composition is truly absorbing and entertaining.

(6) Song: Thay Sarkhamani to Utarta Chia

Album : Manhar Udhas

Description : This Ghazal is one of the Manhar’s classics and showcase the Gujarati cultural theme in its core. Manhar has performed remarkably well while singing this melodious song.

(7) Song: Kajal Bharyan Nayan Na

Album : Manhar Udhas

Description : It creates the somber mood among the Gujarati Audience. This Ghazal is lively in its spirit and Manhar made it an extraordinary piece of music.

(8) Song: Biji To Koi Rite

Album : Aagman

Description : This Ghazal strikes the audience deep at heart with its melodious tones and absorbing content.

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