Gujarati Old Songs

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Gujarati lyrics are meaningful and rich in content. Gujarati old music expresses the emotions of characters intensely. These old Gujarati songs maintain their mass appeal everywhere they are played. Old songs of Gujarati offer timeless and heart warming music. Gujarati old songs are powerful in their expression. Old Gujarati songs have effortless charm and melody that keeps the Gujarati listeners addicted to them even today.Gujarati Old Songs

Famous Gujarati Old Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : pani gya ta beni ame talavde

Album : Various

Description : This Gujarati song captures the audience’s mindset and offers the touch of Gujarati mesmerizing musical legacy. Gujarati Music lovers gets enthralled and listen to it enrapt attention.

(2) Song : Mara ram tame Sitaji ni tole na avo

Album : Various

Description : This old Gujarati song is very compelling and enthralls the audience effortlessly. This old Gujarati song is regarded as the all time best Gujarati songs.

(3) Song : Chal to rahe je

Album : Kishor Kumar

Description : This Gujarati song was sung wonderfully and displays exceptional style of Gujarati Music. It is charming and pleasing to ears.

(4) Song : Pandu lilu ne rang rato

Album :lata Mangeshkar

Description : This song is an outstanding Gujarati song that retains its timeless charm. Gujarati Music Industry is proud to be blessed with such timeless classics.

(5) Song : Ghayal ne shu thay chee

Album : aasha bhosele

Description : This Gujarati song is easily among the supreme hits of old times. It reflects the vivacious and lively appeal of Gujarati Music.

(6) Song : Hutu tu tu avai ramatani rutu

Album : Various

Description : This Gujarati song was sung with great fervor by Gujarati singers. This Gujarati song is terrific in its reach among the masses.

(7) Song : O nil gagan na pankheru

Album : Mukesh

Description : This Gujarati song was composed by using the theme of Gujarati culture. This song exhibits massive Gujarati fan following and is easily among the chartbusters of the olden times.

(8) Song : Masi taru Kanku kharu ne suraj

Album : Various

Description : This Gujarati song is melodious with superb Gujarati lyrics. The Gujarati Music lover just cannot resist playing it frequently.

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