Gujarati Romantic Songs

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Gujarati love songs exhibits the sensual and lively feelings. Love songs of Gujarati express openness of love between couples. The Gujarati romantic songs show love and intimacy in a relationship. Gujarati love songs make the heart jump with joy. These Gujarati songs are communicative and touching. Love songs of Gujarati express openness of love between couples. Gujarati Romantic songs talks about the wonderful feelings of romance.Gujarati Romantic Songs

Famous Gujarati Romantic Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Wala Hu To Prem Deewani Re

Album: Ahmedabad to Palanpur Vaya Kadi Kallol

Description : It is a remarkable Gujarati composition that depicts Gujarati love as the essence of life. This melodious Gujarati song conveys the feelings of real love.

(2) Song : Hae Tane Jaata Joi Panghat Ni Vaate

Album: Gujarati

Description : This Gujarati love song allows the Gujarati people to express their love. This Gujarati love song is a big hit among the Gujarati couples. It is heartwarming Gujarati love composition.

(3) Song : Nazar Na Jaam Chalkavi

Album: Akhand Saubhagyavati

Description : This Gujarati romantic track possesses a romantic appeal and Gujarati listeners got swayed away by its emotional appeal.

(4) Song : Maro Sono No Ghadulo Re

Album: Gujarati

Description: This romantic Gujarati song talks about the soft feelings of love. Gujarati lovers convey the unconditional Gujarati love by singing this song.

(5) Song : Mara Janamona Sathi

Album: Prem No Kagal

Description : This romantic Gujarati song causes the intimate feelings of love . Gujarati music

industry is blessed with this awesome romantic composition.

(6) Song : Nazar Thi Nazar Malee

Album: Prem No Kagal

Description : Gujarati audiences are likely to fall in love with this Gujarati romantic composition. It candidly expresses the beauty of expressing Gujarati love.

(7) Song : Jaag Re Maalan Jaag

Album: Annakh Jaag

Description : This romantic song of Gujarati language showcases the awesome feelings of love and affection. Gujarati audience experiences the miraculous moments of love life.

(8) Song : Ke Odhani Odhu Odhu Ne Udi Jay

Album: Meru Malan

Description : This love song of Gujarati language conveys the feeling of intimacy. This Gujarati love song touching the heart of Gujarati listeners tenderly.

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