Gujarati Wedding Songs

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For every ritual in Gujarati wedding, there are varied sets of Gujarati wedding songs. Gujarati songs showcase the inner emotions of Gujarati bride as well as groom delightfully. Gujarati wedding Song imbibes the emotional wedding theme brilliantly. Wedding songs of the Gujarati provides ways for enjoying the pleasure of Gujarati’s wedding. It creates the perfect Gujarati wedding atmosphere for these festivities. Gujarati wedding songs have an exclusive place in each Gujarati wedding.Gujarati Wedding Songs

Famous Gujarati Wedding songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Aaini Ta Ye Dulha Nike Kaini

Album : Various

Description : This Gujarati wedding song offers the ideal way of rejoicing the Gujarati wedding.

(2) Song : Ganesh Paat Besadiye

Album : Various

Description : It is a magnificent Gujarati song that evokes the feeling of love and joy. Gujarati lyrics are rich that go together with the beats. Gujarati wedding emotions are magically absorbed in this song.

(3) Song : Lado Ladi Jame Re

Album :Various

Description : This is an extraordinary Gujarati wedding song. It tempts the Gujarati listeners to play the song repeatedly. This Gujarati song does justify the wedding’s theme perfectly.

(4) Song : Pahelun Te Mangal

Album : Various

Description : This Wedding song has vital place in psyche of Gujarati audience. It offers the suitable treatment for gracing the Gujarati wedding.

(5) Song : Maar Sala Ke Maar Sala Ke

Album : Various

Description : This wedding song is essential played in each Gujarati wedding. It relates to the unspoken feelings among the Gujarati couples.

(6) Song : Dhire Re Chhedo

Album : Various

Description : This wedding song makes the Gujarati wedding outstanding with its mass appeal and relentless charm. This Gujarati song is superb and harmonious in its meaning.

(7) Song : Dhol Dhamakyan Ne

Album : Various

Description : This wedding song is idyllic for depicting the Gujarati wedding culture and its amazing resonance among Gujarati people.

(8) Song : Manglashtak

Album : Various

Description : This is an incredible Gujarati wedding song. It talks about elation among Gujarati families on the propitious occasion of wedding. This Gujarati song generates memories of the Gujarati wedding.

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